“…the human soul is in reality an emanation from DEITY, — the august GOD, and that to it he has imparted original and essential knowledge, the organs of which are so many windows for his multitudinous outlooks upon the vast sea, whereon floats all matter, with its accidents, like so many tiny shallops on the calm bosom of a silver-breasted lake! However earnestly a number of men may accept or believe a thing, doctrine, dogma, or system, it by no means follows that they believe the truth; but when universal Man not only assents to, but in some form affirms, the existence of a God supreme, their conceptions may not be correct, but it is certain that there must be a ground for their belief, — a God somewhere in the universe. Let us reflect but one moment, as, admitting the idleness of all these avatar dreams of past ages, we take a look at the vast machine, — the universe, — a mere speck of which we are ourselves, and all our doubts will vanish, as do vapors before the mountain blast, or suddenly uprisen sun; for the proofs of God’s existence do not come singly, or weakly, but rush in mighty, resistless armies, upon our half reluctant souls ; sweeping all our doubts away like straws before the gale! True, we may not be able to satisfactorily locate or personify Deity, but cannot help admitting the existence of a great and mysterious power, in constant action, and which, for want of a better term, we call God. When a man has thus pondered, and attained this grand conviction, true happiness and true progress have begun.”