The history that the Jew Steven Spielberg took to the cinema with the heading of “the search of the lost coffer” the search of the graal for the sprung from the same father and mother N-S, that it assumed an enormous one to be able, and that tivo for “Hollywood” the nascimiento exitoso of the Saga of Indiana Jones, is real. E passes pola Gallaecia. Especially in the Crunha.

This done history mystery, despertou umha last true publishing fever in the Spanish state. Up to three books they amuse in clave of “fantastic” cinema affaire and one of them adventure that the central personage of the historical tram, the sprung from the same father and other investigator Otto Rahn, nom if committed suicide in the 1939 in the sacred mountain of the cátaros, Montsegur, as it establishes versom official of Waffen SS, to that it belonged, low the personal baton of Himmler, if nom that a false name viviu in the low Spanish state and aleceu in Vigo. Others sostenhem that it murreu in Madrid in the 1975 or the nonsense of that judea origin was assassinated by the hired murderers of Himmler for its presunta.

I date it more excellent on this history nothing has therefore of fictitious: a document of the Orde Martinista, established esoteric private society in century XIX in Paris for the Papus doctor, crunhés afincado in the French state that was doctor of the Zar in the times of Rasputím, in that also the proper Otto Rahn militated, discloses that the “hunter” of the gral I stow in the Crunha in the 1937. The notice aparesceu numha web martinista when all the focos of the periodismo centered months behind in the extrana society later dumhas controversies declaraçons in that the Woollen historian Cierva affirmed numha radiofónica colloquy that eight ministers of the cabinet of Zapatero were maçons and that one of them, Bono, “belonged to the oscura Orde Martinista”.

The legendary sprung from the same father and mother investigator Otto Rahn, as discloses the Orde Martinista recently, visited Crunha in 1937 to follow umha track that led to the tomb of the Apóstolo in Compostela. Rahn remained some months in the camouflaged herculina city with the nourished net of Sprung from the same father and mother military assistants N-S who it asesoravam entóm.

One knows that the sprung from the same father and mother investigator visited the native house of its martinista master in number 13 of the street Olmos, that still follows such which, and that it tracked legends related with ruta galaica of the Graal. Rahn left constáncia in a writing that Gallaecia was older the occidental European kingdom - before that visigodo with headquarters in the Toulouse- backwards caida of the Roman Empire and the only country of céltico sustrato that exhibits the graal in its shield.

According to martinistas, Rahn interesou especially polas very etnográficas bases that support the myth of the Piedra of the Destination, the magical rock that according to legend was carried from Brigantium to the British Crown, on that if coronarom the English monarchs, between them current Isabel II, and that the esoteric studios identify as Rock of Enoch or Jacob, the patriarch of the Aryan lineage according to Himmler. Rahn escribeu this year to the head of the SS one informs in what it showed the security of that was the Prisciliano heretic, decapitated in Tréveris year 385 defendant of mago, and nom apóstolo Santiago who was embedded truily in the tomb of the compostelana cathedral. The priscilianistas, between obispos them, constituirom in the private society in the Gallaecia its death. For the sprung from the same father and mother ocultista, both crunheses mitológicos episodes formed part of secrego breach-heads of the true symbolic Graal: that is, the blurred track for the cátaros following primigénios of the supposed ancestry traida human being of Christ the Europe.