ZANI - Who do you think would do you justice in playing the role of Dave Courtney? @Dave Courtney - I would very much like to play me in the later years. As for an early Dave Courtney, I’ll probably end up with Danny Devito, knowing my fucking luck. @ZANI - You currently host An Evening With Dave Courtney. If anyone reading this article wished to attend, what are they likely to expect?

Dave Courtney - I cannot rehearse my shows, because it’s a questions and answers show, right from the start. I start the show by saying "Hello I’m Dave Courtney, there is no such thing as a celebrity gangster, it can only be one or the other. Anything you want to know about, as long as I don’t drop anyone in the shit, ask me."

I’ve addressed the Oxford Union. The photo from that, Jay-Z used for his album cover, cos he thought that was the funniest thing ever. Dave Courtney addresses the future parliament of England. Even P Diddy has used my knuckle-dusters.